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OK, Life is Chill—For a While

Normalcy returns. Yesterday, the Sears repair technician came to the house with a new compressor for my Kenmore Elite (LG) refrigerator. He left a mere 3 hours later and my behemoth stainless steel kitchen decoration has the potential once again … Continue reading

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If You Want Me to Donate, Don’t Call Me at Home!

This might be considered a public service. When someone calls me at home, I simply say, “I don’t give money to people that bother me by calling me at home. I’m sorry. Goodbye.” If you want money from me, don’t … Continue reading

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Beware of the satirical sites on the Internet

On April 7th the National Report published an article that said Kansas was pushing through a law in the state legislature to ban the show Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey. Of course, I didn’t see it right away but when I … Continue reading

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A Poem: God never loses at the craps table

This entry comes from a new friend. He is Reverend Andy and he wanted me to share it with you. Andy is new to Tucson and he’s enjoying the weather and glad to be here. He left New Mexico where … Continue reading

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Is there a Creator?

On occasion, there are a few minutes of spare processing time available in my brain and it wanders off to pick through scraps of well-worn thoughts. Bits and pieces are tossed in along with incomplete arguments not important enough to … Continue reading

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An Atheist Looks at Noah

Members of the oppressed religious majority of this country are preparing to boycott the release of “Noah” the movie. Muslims hate it because it depicts a religious prophet. They get cranky about such things. Kathleen Parker, an opinion writer for … Continue reading

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A Weekend of FreeThought Activity in Tucson

This weekend could be a busy one for the freethinkers of Tucson. FreeThought Arizona is sponsoring three individual events. On Saturday and Sunday, we’ll be at the Tucson Festival of Books. Our double booth (#335 & #336) will be in … Continue reading

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Keith Lowell Jensen’s Godless Comedy Tour

March 2, 2014 at 7:00 PM Atheist Comedy Night at Laffs Comedy Caffé 2900 E Broadway Tucson Keith Lowell Jensen and Johnny Taylor will be here to entertain the heathens of the Tucson area at our only standup comedy venue. … Continue reading

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