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Pinewood Derby Experiences, Part III

This is the penultimate chapter on the Pinewood Derby track a friend and I built at Edwards AFB when we had kids in Cub Scouts thirty years ago. After getting all the pieces collected, the first step was to test … Continue reading

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Pinewood Derby Experiences, Part II

For three straight years starting in 1984, my son and I participated in his Pinewood Derby. The three cars are pictured are his cars. The car on the left is his first and although we worked on it together, I … Continue reading

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A Little More About My Experience with Pinewood Derby

A couple of days ago I posted a blog about preparing for Camp Quest Arizona. I got a few likes and a couple of comments. One of the comments that I received on FaceBook was about the Pinewood Derby. Pinewood … Continue reading

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Summer is Around the Corner

…and I may not be ready…I’ve made a joke of it but it’s true! Ever since I retired, I don’t have time for my hobbies. Currently, I’m preparing for my second year as a camp counselor at Camp Quest Arizona. … Continue reading

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