A Poem: God never loses at the craps table

This entry comes from a new friend. He is Reverend Andy and he wanted me to share it with you. Andy is new to Tucson and he’s enjoying the weather and glad to be here. He left New Mexico where he spent a great deal of time helping and caring for others. Last night, he attended his first Skeptics of Tucson meeting. The conversations and the company made him decide that he’ll be coming back for future meetings. Welcome aboard, Andy.

God never loses at the craps table

I am the almighty creator of heaven and earth.
I will rule your life; force you to obey my every word.
You will bend, bow, and kiss my holy feet.
Sub-servant and weak, to death you will be.

I created you, yet I will not interfere.
I will give you free will, to watch you stumble, fall with no care.
If you are good, I will hog all the credit.
If you are bad, I will blame you, say you are evil.

You will fight among each other, killing, raping, burning, and pillaging.
You will crave power, doing anything to get it.
Hopelessness will ravage the whole of the land.
Being God is so cool, whatever happens, I can’t lose.

I will bring wolves, who will sing you my illusionary song.
They will enslave your mind; promise you a heaven in the sky.
Like mindless sheep, you will follow them, even when you know it’s a lie.
Glory be and alleluia, if I have my way, true humanity will never have its day.

Rev Andy
Without love, human society is in a difficult state;
Without love, in the future, we will face tremendous problems.
Love is the center of human life.


About AZAtheist

Retired--Researcher, Developer, Program Manager, Arizona Regional Director--American Atheists, Organizer--Tucson Atheists, Organizer--Skeptics of Tucson
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