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An Atheist Looks at Noah

Members of the oppressed religious majority of this country are preparing to boycott the release of “Noah” the movie. Muslims hate it because it depicts a religious prophet. They get cranky about such things. Kathleen Parker, an opinion writer for … Continue reading

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An Atheist in the FreeThought booth at the Tucson Festival of Books

Last weekend was a busy one. There was the Tucson Festival of Books, a presentation by Hector Avalos, and a concert by Roy Zimmerman, all of which were sponsored by FreeThought Arizona. The book faire went well with plenty of … Continue reading

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A Weekend of FreeThought Activity in Tucson

This weekend could be a busy one for the freethinkers of Tucson. FreeThought Arizona is sponsoring three individual events. On Saturday and Sunday, we’ll be at the Tucson Festival of Books. Our double booth (#335 & #336) will be in … Continue reading

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Irritating a Critical Thinker

Ever heard a question like this? Question: What has four legs, two horns, gives milk and barks? Answer: Obviously, a cow. (I threw in the “barks part” just to make the question harder.) Is that exchange irritating? I’ve seen these … Continue reading

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Arizona’s SB 1062: Religious Freedom Restoration Act—Vetoed!

Arizona’s religion and politics dust ups are occasionally reported in the U.S. national news. Recently, the spotlight fell on our governor, Jan Brewer, when she was faced with signing the very controversial SB 1062. The bill had recently passed the … Continue reading

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An Atheist visits a Liberal group meeting.

Last night I got the chance to address our Tucson Drinking Liberally group. The title of the talk was “Atheism and Liberalism” and was to be focused on what Atheism and Liberalism have in common. Originally, I was asked there … Continue reading

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An Atheist in Arizona

In this blog, I can’t speak for every Atheist in the state but I can relate my personal experiences. As Dirty Harry says, “A man’s gotta know his limitations.” It’s no secret that Arizona is sometimes screwed up politically. The … Continue reading

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Keith Lowell Jensen’s Godless Comedy Tour

March 2, 2014 at 7:00 PM Atheist Comedy Night at Laffs Comedy Caffé 2900 E Broadway Tucson Keith Lowell Jensen and Johnny Taylor will be here to entertain the heathens of the Tucson area at our only standup comedy venue. … Continue reading

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