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Post Halloween Post

I got started late this year preparing for Halloween. Who knew we were even going to have one? Well, I knew I wouldn’t be having a party which has been a Lacey tradition since 2010 but trick-or-treat was still a … Continue reading

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Bye Bye Brother Jed

In the February 25th issue of The Daily Wildcat there is an article entitled “Campus Preachers: Do They Belong?” The article is primarily in response to Brother Jed’s annual appearance at the university but apparently the “street preachers” are an … Continue reading

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Tucson Atheists reach 1000 Members

After getting close several times, Tucson Atheists has reached a new milestone—we now have 1000 members. This is a high water mark. Robert Swango who created the group way back in February 2003 stepped down as organizer in August 2007. … Continue reading

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Building a Freethought Community Part II—the History

Tucson has had its freethinking community for quite some time but it consisted of small disassociated groups with small memberships. Prior to January 2000, small Atheist groups met for Sunday morning breakfasts. There was a used bookstore owned and operated … Continue reading

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Growing a Freethought Community

This is the first in a series of short articles about the freethought community in southern Arizona. From Wikipedia: Freethought or free thought is a philosophical viewpoint which holds that positions regarding truth should be formed on the basis of … Continue reading

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Prayer at local government meetings still a bad idea

As an Atheist in the progressively stunted state of Arizona, I feel the sting of the most recent Supreme Court ruling. It’s a big deal and religious representatives will probably use the ruling to justify other violations of church state … Continue reading

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Skeptic’s Look at a Skeptic Blog

This blog is also about Skepticism. My friend, Kitty, publishes a blog the Yankee Skeptic. She publishes guest posts on occasion. In fact, she’s published a couple of my blogs on her site. She’s such a nice lady and kind … Continue reading

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Arizona’s SB 1062: Religious Freedom Restoration Act—Vetoed!

Arizona’s religion and politics dust ups are occasionally reported in the U.S. national news. Recently, the spotlight fell on our governor, Jan Brewer, when she was faced with signing the very controversial SB 1062. The bill had recently passed the … Continue reading

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Keith Lowell Jensen’s Godless Comedy Tour

March 2, 2014 at 7:00 PM Atheist Comedy Night at Laffs Comedy Caffé 2900 E Broadway Tucson Keith Lowell Jensen and Johnny Taylor will be here to entertain the heathens of the Tucson area at our only standup comedy venue. … Continue reading

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