Post Halloween Post

I got started late this year preparing for Halloween. Who knew we were even going to have one? Well, I knew I wouldn’t be having a party which has been a Lacey tradition since 2010 but trick-or-treat was still a possibility. However, I saw on the internet an Arduino controlled candy dispenser and a few different candy slides/tubes. I decided that the build this year would involve me combining these two efforts to create a “socially distancing automatic candy dispenser.”

So, with that goal, I started work. Starting at the end of September, it took roughly twice as long as I expected. In other words, normal.

Next, I had to decide what I would NOT be putting out for the display. I have quite a collection of props since I first started building them in 2009. Nancy and I decided to not have the trick-or-treaters come up to the door. We decided to set up in the driveway. Jack, the talking pumpkin would go in the driveway and talk with folks. We would be behind a graveyard fence with the candy dispenser and chute. All the decorations would be in the yard. I would have the giant skull on the tower, the “Flying Crank Ghost”, the Tomb Lifter, the Vicious Dog, Steven King’s It prop (with the jumping spider), the animated witch, and the clown-in-the-box, and the pop-up ghoul. You can catch all of the action here and (after dark) here.

A good three weeks of work went into the display this year and the 50 or so that showed up to the house, seemed to appreciate the effort. On the other hand, if no one would have stopped by, I feel good that I spent the effort. As a retired engineer, it is good to exercise the creative muscles occasionally.

Today is the 5th. All the props are down, packed, and stored away. The workshop is clean. My hands are sore. All my minor injuries are dressed. I spent a couple of hours repairing things. What is next?

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Retired--Researcher, Developer, Program Manager, Arizona Regional Director--American Atheists, Organizer--Tucson Atheists, Organizer--Skeptics of Tucson
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