20 Days In (XX)

Last May, Nancy and I brought home a beautiful new truck—a 2019 Super Cab Ranger 4×4 with the top-of-line trim and all the goodies. A couple of days ago, my “connected” vehicle sent me a message:

“Your Vehicle is in Deep Sleep mode and connectivity is temporarily unavailable. Manually turn on your vehicle to deactivate this mode.”

In other words, the truck is feeling ignored.

For us, it has been 20 days since we started practicing “social distancing.” We made the decision to go into self-imposed isolation on March 12th right after Nancy’s birthday party on the 11th. Not much changed for us, however. Mainly, we stopped going to the weekly Sabino Canyon 7 O’clock evening stroll and I stopped going to “drinking godlessly” every other week and hosting the monthly Tucson Atheists Meetup at Denny’s. I’m beginning to realize how important those small breaks and socialization events are.

We went to the Safeway today. The Safeway store is right at ½ mile from our front door, so the trip added 1 mile to our step count. Nancy and I needed the steps, so we didn’t drive. I needed vegetables for my “miracle soup.” I make a couple of weeks’ worth at a time and have a cup every morning. This morning I ran out. Nancy sat down and sewed some surgical type masks out of two layers of dense pillowcase material. We put them on when entering the store and made note of all the changes that are designed to keep people 6 feet apart. The masks seemed to work even though they were a little hot to wear. No one seemed to mind. I paid the bill with a credit card to avoid using money and the only thing I touched that was recently touched by another human was the register receipt and 3 Monopoly game pieces. When we got home, we washed our hands with soap.

It looks like this is going to be our new “normal.” I have been walking 4 to 5 miles on the “Tucson Loop” every day and picking up trash when I see it. I probably need to drive the vehicles around the block from time to time. It would be easy for me to spend the day snacking on junk and watching television, but I’m determined not to do that. I have many unfinished projects, and nothing is more satisfying to me than getting in the “zone” while working on a new robot or model airplane. I have a couple of motorcycles that haven’t been started in years. Maybe it is time to get them tuned and prepped for sale to someone that will appreciate them.

I hope your self-imposed isolation is going as well and thank you for reading this. Check in from time to time and if you’d have any questions or concerns, feel free to leave a comment.

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Retired--Researcher, Developer, Program Manager, Arizona Regional Director--American Atheists, Organizer--Tucson Atheists, Organizer--Skeptics of Tucson
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1 Response to 20 Days In (XX)

  1. Mark Hamilton says:

    We are in a similar state; very little social contact. We miss the TA meetings too:) I am making lots of art, keeping busy. You should get the motorcycles going!

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