Signs signs everywhere there’s signs

I think I mentioned that was going out to pick up the roadside political signs. Ya I did. The signs are everywhere and they are “Fucking up the scenery, breaking my mind.” The weather channel has designated our recent local weather as “action days.” That apparently means that the wind is blowing. Picking up signs when the wind is blowing is a bit more challenging. While most are 4 ft. by 4 ft. or smaller, some of them are as big as 4 X 8 feet. However, I found the activity somehow enjoyable and relaxing. I’m way behind in my podcasts so I’m listening to them at 1.5 speed. I have my work gloves on and it’s sunny. For a couple of hours, I was in a special “no pain zone” and I was content to be cleaning up the neighborhood. There was nothing pressing and I could take my time. Each time I used my diagonal cutters I would hear that satisfying >click< as I cut another nylon wire tie. Each sign had four, six, and sometimes 8 ties securing the sign to the rebar stakes. After all the ties were cut, I would literally fly the sign off of the stakes and into the back of my old Red Ford Ranger pickup. I remove the rebar post by clamping a pair of vice grip pliers and rotating it until it’s loose. Then I tug on the post in an upward direction while rotating the pliers back and forth. Most of the posts have been in the ground only a short time so they come right up. However, some are bent and are a bit trickier. I have to find the right angle to pull to get the rebar to come straight up. There are a bunch of smaller signs that are in the ground with very small wire like sign holders. They are generally easy to pull up.

Yesterday, I cleared a mile of roadway which included a very busy intersection with signs on all four corners. Today, I cleared a very popular “T” intersection with a big road. There were many signs and a lot of trash on the big road opposite the intersection. I was able to get most of the signs and posts and I went back on foot with a large plastic bag and a trash pickup tool. However, there are a couple of “T” posts that have been there for a while that are going to take special equipment to remove.

If you need something to get your mind off of the current situation and you have a few hours to kill, I recommend sign removal. You might be getting some useful material while simultaneously cleaning up your neighborhood. Cheers!

Here are the pictures:

Before, after, arrival at home, stored for future use.


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