Shock and Ahh…Shit

The mourning* after the 2016 election.

The Nightmare before the Election is now possibly the Nightmare after the Election but we’ll have to wait and see how much rhetoric becomes reality as President Trump proceeds to build and manage the Executive Branch of our government. The bad news is that if he accomplishes only half of what he’s promised, we’re screwed. The good news is you can’t totally rely on anything that he says or said. One supporter told me not to worry because Mr. Trump would surround himself with smart people.

Hate to be negative here but firstly, the people he has around him aren’t our best. His vice president is Mike Pence who has advocated for conversion therapy for homosexuals and is against fair pay for women and minorities. Mr. Trump selected Chris Christie to lead his transition team. Not the best choice considering a judge in New Jersey found that there was probable cause to believe that Chris Christie had engaged in official misconduct for his part in the “Bridgegate” scandal. However, Governor Christie is included in his list of front runners  for his cabinet along with a Wall Street CEO, climate change deniers (“skeptics”), Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, and other bright lights from the narcissistic right. Even if he does manage to get exemplary members on his team, it’s not clear due to his performance during the campaign that he will listen to any of them. He has said that he is not interested in the experience of the current military leaders. Most of those leaders have gained their knowledge and experience under many different administrations lead by both Republicans and Democrats.

I have hope that our new president will rise like a Phoenix from this disastrous election season to lead the country to greater peace and prosperity without regressing to meaner times like many progressives fear. However, I’ve already lost a friend because of post-election vitriol. She went on FaceBook and announced that those protesting the election are LOSERS. I’m intolerant of ad hominem attacks strictly because of a difference of opinion. We can’t get through this time intact if we throw gas onto the smoldering embers of this hard fought contest. We must always discuss differing opinions with respect for the individuals involved especially during these trying times.

On a positive note, now that the election is over it is time we got rid of all of those annoying roadside signs. Traditionally, I go out on the day after every election to help in the effort by filling my truck full of them. It’s a bit of a job so I consider it good exercise which is a win but I get a second win because I reuse the plastic sign material and the rebar stakes in D.I.Y projects around the house. Notice in the picture below the use of rebar and plastic sign material in my latest Halloween prop. zombie-pit

In any case, I believe for the next four years (at least) we may be cursed to live in interesting times.

*I meant to spell it that way! I’ll be wearing a lot of black for the next four years.

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