Martha McSally Disappoints

A couple of days ago I sat down to write about Martha McSally and what a disappointment she is. On paper she should be a great representative for me. I live in Arizona and I retired as an officer of the U.S. Air Force. However, she’s such an embarrassment that I’d like her to move to another state and stop bragging about her military service.

Of course, her latest disappointment is voting down subpoenas for information relevant to the current impeachment trial of President Trump. She voted along with her other Republican colleagues. This was no surprise. I’ve learned not to expect much courage from her as a representative. Previously, she represented Arizona’s 2nd congressional district, my district. When her votes faced local controversy, she refused to meet with her constituents and opted for less personal (and safer for her) phone telecons or conducting “town hall” meetings in towns with small populations and limited venues. Her fighter pilot bravado was never evident. She doesn’t defend her positions and she avoids personal confrontations.

Notice how cowardly she was when she was when she called the CNN reporter a “Liberal Hack.” She is running down a hallway, pitches her (undeserved) insult over her shoulder, and ducks into an office. Now she’s selling shirts to capitalize on her “proud brave” name calling incident.

It’s true that our representatives are never perfect and not everyone will agree with every position, but I expect them to be brave enough to support their positions. Sometimes representatives are presented with a bigger picture and we by necessity must trust them to make the best decisions in our stead. That’s why I vote less on a candidate’s stated positions and more on the person’s character.

Here again, Martha disappoints—she lacks honor. Of course, I could say the same about many of the senators. However, not all of them took the oath that every Air Force Academy cadet takes when they are accepted in the into the Cadet Wing after Basic Cadet Training:

We will not lie, steal or cheat, nor tolerate among us anyone who does.Furthermore, I resolve to do my duty and to live honorably (so help me God)

Fortunately, when it comes to choosing a U.S. senator for Arizona this fall, I have a better choice. Let’s all vote for Captain Mark Kelly.

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2 Responses to Martha McSally Disappoints

  1. AZAtheist says:

    Apparently, there are others out there watching Martha. I received this note from the Daily Kos:

    Call Senator Martha McSally at (202) 224-2235. When you reach an aide, leave the following message:

    Hello, my name is Donald calling from zip code 85747-5221 in Tucson. I am deeply frustrated by your refusal to support a fair and public trial. As a constituent, I expect you to uphold your oath. Support the presentation of new evidence and witnesses at the impeachment trial. I’ll be watching your votes.

    (They even personalized the message for me!)

  2. Phil says:

    What a poltroon.

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